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Why Do Dogs Destroy Pillows?

why dogs destroy pillows

As a dog owner, you’re probably already familiar with all the quirks that your dog has. Some like sleeping under the couch, some like peeing right outside the backdoor – and, unfortunately for a lot of pet owners, there are also dogs who like destroying soft things like pillows.

But why do dogs destroy pillows in the first place? This article will discuss the possible reasons why.

Why do dogs destroy pillows?

Here are some of the most common reasons why dogs destroy pillows, among other things.

  1. Boredom. For some dogs, the reason is as simple as can be: they simply don’t have anything better to do. A bored dog will do whatever they can think of at the moment – and if that means jumping on your fluffy pillows and chomping the heck out of them, then so be it.
  2. Excessive energy. Does your dog have pent-up energy that it can’t shake off? While some dogs display this through zoomies, others simply destroy whatever is in their sight.
  3. Separation anxiety. If your dog only destroys your pillows when you’re not at home, it could be separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is a bit trickier to deal with, but it’s definitely possible to improve over time.

The best way to deal with all three reasons? Make sure your dog gets sufficient exercise and provide them with toys, chews, and bedding that can make them feel more comfortable and secure at home, regardless if you’re away or not.

With these tips, hopefully, you can avoid the scenario.

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