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Dealing With Dog Zoomies: Why It Happens and What To Do

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Dealing with dog zoomies can be quite frustrating, especially if it seemingly happens out of the blue.

That said, you don’t have to despair. Here’s how to deal with dog zoomies using a simple little trick!

Why Dog Zoomies Happen

The most common reason why it happens is that your dog has some pent-up energy that they can’t get out of their system. This unreleased energy can be observed from their actions:

  • Running around in circles
  • Doing the same behavior over and over
  • Excessive barking

Most of the time, puppies are most prone to getting the zoomies – but adult dogs aren’t immune to it either.

How to Deal With Zoomies

If your dog suddenly gets the zoomies while you’re relaxing at home, here’s a nifty trick that you can try.

What you need:

  • An incredibly energetic dog
  • A couch, or anything large they can jump from safely


  1. Call your dog over to the couch, bed, or something similar.
  2. Using a treat or a toy, get them to jump down to the bed, and then back up again.
  3. Your dog will be more than glad to do all this jumping. Simply repeat the steps until they get too tired.
  4. Congratulations – you’ve dealt with your dog’s zoomies successfully!

If you want to know other quick tips and tricks on training your dog, don’t forget to check out the PetFitness blog!

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