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Pet Exercise Idea: Cone Workout

pet exercise cone

Did you know that cone workouts can help improve your dog’s spine, strengthen his muscles, and even improve his balance and coordination?

That’s because weaving, circling, and walking in figure eights, which your dog will be doing with this dog workout, have those exact benefits mentioned above.

The best thing about this pet exercise idea? It’s so easy to do and can be done literally anywhere as long as you have access to traffic cones.

Cone Workout for Dogs

What you need:

  • A willing dog
  • A couple of traffic cones

What to do:

  1. Place the cones a few inches apart on the floor. Make sure that there’s enough space for your dog to walk in between.
  2. Using a treat, guide your dog to walk between the cones, alternating from one direction to another, until they reach the end.
  3. Repeat a few more times. Make sure you give your dog the yummy treat to acknowledge his good work!

Remember, if you want to make the exercise a bit more challenging, you can use bigger cones or smaller spaces in between.

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