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Do Dogs Distinguish Sounds?

dogs distinguish sounds

Maybe you’ve been noticing your dog reacting to different sounds inside your house. Does he react differently when you call his name? When you squeeze his toy? What about when the delivery man rings the doorbell?

Can dogs even distinguish sounds?

Do dogs distinguish sounds?

Dogs react differently depending on the sound they hear. For instance, a dog hearing the sound of a doorbell may react differently to the sound of a squeaky toy.

It works even when it comes to music, as we previously discussed in another article. Different genres (which sound different from one another) can elicit different responses from dogs.

That said, a recent study revealed that dogs aren’t able to distinguish between similar-sounding words. “Sit” and “hit” may get the same response from your dog, for example.

This is why it’s very important to choose the words you use when training your dog!

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