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Do Dogs Like Music?

dogs like music

Do your dog’s ears seem to perk up when your favorite song starts playing?

Although dogs may not think of music the way humans do, they still do recognize and appreciate certain sounds and melodies.

Do dogs like music?

Dogs can show a liking towards specific genres of music. In fact, according to a recent study, even the specific genre can affect how dogs react to a song that they’re hearing.

What effect do different genres have on dogs?

Here are some genres of music that were tested during the study.

  • Pop music. No noticeable effect on dogs. Did not garner any reactions either.
  • Heavy metal. Might be a stressor – caused dogs to start barking aggressively.
  • Classical music. Has a calming effect on dogs.

So, if you’re unsure which music to put on when your dog is around, opt for classical music!

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