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Why It’s Crucial to Know Your Dog’s Breed

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Many dog owners have no idea what breed their dog is. Why is it so important, anyway? The dog’s adorable and you love the little mutt to bits. That’s all that matters, right? Well…not quite. See, knowing your dog’s breed is crucial when it comes to ensuring that your BEST friend has the BEST quality of life. Find out more below!


Health & Wellbeing

Many dogs come with genetic health issues. For example, Pugs are prone to eye problems, due to their shallow sockets which cause their eyes to stick out. German Shepherds tend to experience hip dysplasia, which could lead to pain, arthritis and problems walking. It’s important to be aware of what health conditions your dog’s breed comes with, so that you can avoid activities or things that worsen these conditions, or so that you can actively work to alleviate them. Your mixed breed dog could be made up of dogs that have serious health issues, and it’s crucial that you’re aware and mitigate this.


Personality & Behavior

My friend has a dog that loves nipping at people’s feet and heels. It can be endearing, but for many, especially strangers, it can be a tad bit annoying. It turns out that her dog is mixed with an Australian Shepherd, a herding dog that instinctively nips at people’s heels in an attempt to “herd” them like livestock. If she’d known this all along, her dog’s behavior would have made a lot more sense, and she would have known how to curb his behavior through certain games and activities. Understanding your dog’s behavior based on its breed will only help improve the relationship between the two of you.

Another thing is personality. Some dog breeds are loners, preferring to be by themselves and not interact with other dogs. Other dogs like Huskies for example, need to be in a home with another dog due to their pack mentality, helping quell their separation anxiety.



As previously mentioned, some dogs like to be alone and are more prone to being violent towards other dogs. If this aspect of their breed isn’t respected, it could lead to dire consequences. So, you want to be careful when introducing them to your other dogs in order to avoid violence. Dogs bred to hunt, such as the Greyhound, shouldn’t be left around animals that look like prey, or that fluffy pet rabbit might just turn into ol’ Fido’s dinner.

Another thing is the safety of humans. For instance, Pit Bulls were bred to protect their home and family, and may see outsiders as threats. This may lead them to instinctively act aggressive towards a stranger, even though they mean well. It’s important to be aware of this, so that you train your dog accordingly and are cautious. Once again, knowing and understanding your dog’s breed is key!


Mixed breed dogs are capable of carrying traits from either side of their parents, so you need to know what these traits are. If you don’t know your dog’s genetic makeup or breed, we recommend purchasing a DNA testing kit from Amazon. Simply take a swab of your dog’s saliva and mail it to the disclosed lab in the included instruction booklet.

Remember, it’s extremely important to know the genetic makeup of your dog, so that you can also tailor your exercise regime according to its breed and natural tendencies.

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