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Welcoming a New Dog: Dos and Don’ts

welcoming a new dog

Congratulations on adding a new member to the family!

Welcoming a new puppy home is a thrilling and gratifying experience. It’s critical to have a strategy prepared to facilitate a smooth adjustment and to put your new friend up for success.

Read on as we guide you over the important measures to follow after getting a new dog, assisting you in laying the foundations for an enjoyable and healthy relationship.

What to Do When Welcoming a New Dog

Here are some things to keep in mind when you are welcoming a new dog.

Do Give Time to Adjust

Keep in mind that your new puppy may be confused because they have just left their prior surroundings. Allow your dog some time to adjust to their new environment and form bonds with other family members.

Create a calm and pleasant environment for them to relax in, and slowly introduce them to other places in your home.

Do Establish a Routine

Dogs enjoy regular activities, so developing one from the beginning is critical. Establish regular eating and good exercise routine.

Maintaining a schedule will give your dog assurance and safety, allowing them to feel more at peace in their new environment.

Do Socialize Your New Dog

Socialization is critical for the growth and well-being of your dog. Register your new pet in a basic training lesson or hire an expert trainer.

This will help you create limits, teach important instructions, and deepen your relationship with your dog. Additionally, to encourage healthy socialization, introduce your dog to a variety of locations, people, and other canines.

Do Create an Enriching Environment

Dogs are inherently curious and require mental stimulation to avoid boredom and aggression. Give them suitable toys, engaging puzzles, and chew materials to keep them occupied.

To avoid unintentional escapes, dog-proof your house by eliminating dangerous objects and securing your yard.

Do Introduce a Healthy Diet Early

A proper diet is critical for your dog’s general health and well-being. When adopting a new dog, you should check with your veterinarian for the ideal diet. This could depend on their age, breed, as well as any special nutritional needs.

Provide top-notch dog food while avoiding giving them table leftovers, as certain human meals are toxic to dogs.

Don’t Neglect Potty Training

Even house-trained dogs can have mistakes initially when exposed to a new setting.

All advised strategies include constantly supervising your dog while not confined, numerous excursions outdoors, stopping an accident, and praising your dog right away after pooping outside.

Don’t Forget Quality Time

Forming a deep relationship with your new dog requires time and care. Treat them with affection, attention, and affirmation.

A successful connection with your animal companion requires trust and respect.

Don’t Skip Vet Visits

Make an appointment with the vet as soon as you’re done welcoming your new dog home. This can help guarantee that your pet is healthy and updated on vaccines.

The veterinarian can additionally guide you on feeding, spaying, and any other health issues your dog may have.

According to the American Animal Hospital Association, annual or biannual checkups help prevent emergent health concerns and lengthen your pet’s lifespan.


Welcoming a new dog is a considerable time dedication, but with a positive mindset, it can be a really rewarding experience. By doing the things listed above, you will be laying the foundation for a meaningful and lifelong relationship.

Remember that the road of dog ownership is a constant process of discovery, so embrace every moment and make lasting memories alongside your new canine companion as you begin your journey together.

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