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Two Leg Exercises For Your Dog

We all know how important it is to keep fit and healthy, and that extends to our pets as well! Just like us, our pets need regular exercise to stay in shape.

There are plenty of ways to get your dog moving – from walks to runs to playing fetch – but sometimes your pup might need a little extra help getting those legs moving.

Exercise #1: Leg Weaves

Training the leg weave teaches your dog to focus on you and your body language. You must coordinate your movements and work as a team. And while challenging your dog’s mind, it also gets them moving and stretching their sides. That makes it a great warm-up for other activities as well.

Exercise #2: Hind Leg Stands

Lastly, the hind leg stands are a classic exercise for dog physical therapy. This exercise aims to improve your pet’s ability to stand on its hind legs and for how long. This will build better core strength and overall strength.

Exercising Your Dog’s Legs With Pet.Fitness

When it comes to exercising your dog’s legs, there are endless possibilities. But these two exercises are a great place to start! With Pet.Fitness, you can find even more exercises and tips on how to keep your pet healthy and fit. Check us out today!

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