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PetFitness Dog of the Month: Otto

Welcome to the second edition of PetFitness Dog of the Month, where we strive to feature dogs that exemplify all things adorable, and positive energy.

Next up for the month of February 2022 is the ball of lovable fluff, Otto the Chow Chow!

A big thanks to Otto’s dog mom Victoria for answering our questions.


What is your dog’s name, age, gender, and current location?

Otto! He’s +5 years, male, and lives in Florida.

What type of dog breed?

A Chow Chow.

Why did you decide to get your dog?

Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to have a dog, because my mom knew that I wasn’t responsible enough to take care of one.

Now that I have my baby, I understand her decision, because caring for a woof and giving him all the care, attention, and love he deserves requires a lot of time and devotion.

I have always wanted a fluffy, cream Chow Chow, because they look like big teddy bears with the cutest faces and purple tongues. They are independent and proud animals, but very loving and special.

My husband has had several dogs, so after we got married, we talked about getting a fur baby.

Let’s talk about the first day you got Otto! Take us through that day.

Otto was a complete surprise Christmas gift from my husband. Prior to getting him, we had gone to a dog show and told a breeder, whose dog was due to give birth, that we wanted to get a cream Chow Chow.

But several months later when we contacted her again, she told us she had sold ALL the puppies, even though we drove an hour to meet her and told her we wanted to purchase a puppy.

I was completely DEVASTATED. I just figured we would get a puppy sometime in the New Year.

So, when Otto showed up on our doorstep wrapped in a blanket and put in a big Christmas bag, I was completely surprised, thrilled, and beyond happy.

My husband had put together an elaborate scheme to purchase Otto, fly him to us, and have him stay with friends and neighbors before giving him to me on Christmas day. BEST PRESENT EVER! BEST DAY EVER!

What’s Otto’s current eating schedule like?

Otto is fed once in the morning, and once in the late afternoon.

What do you feed your dog?

I feed him Natural Balance (the lamb and brown rice adult formula), topped off with blueberries, carrots, and green beans.

On top of the food, I put a few drops of EicosaDerm fish oil drops, and ProDen PlaqueOff to help keep his teeth clean.

What’s your favorite exercise to do with your dog in the PetFitness plan?

I really like playing tug-of-war with him when he has bursts of energy throughout the day. I didn’t realize how it can help him build strength until I watched a PetFitness video on it.

Otto isn’t great at fetching, because he has a Chow Chow personality for sure. He’ll run and chase a ball, then stop and play with it, instead of bringing it back.

So, I have to grab it from him, then toss it away from him again for him to run around and get exercise.

What’s your dog’s preferred toy?

He loves flat, floppy stuffed toys to flip around in the air, and a Grumpy Cat soft plushy.

What’s your dog’s fave human food to have as an occasional snack?

He loves plain pizza crust and small pieces of cheese.

What’s one thing your dog does that annoys you?

NOTHING! And one day, we might get Otto a brother, but this time, we’ll save one from a Chow Chow rescue.=

When it comes to other dogs and dog owners, what is your biggest pet peeve?

People who don’t pick up their dog’s poop, even when they’re in public places that have stations with free bags!

Another annoyance is when people don’t have control over their dogs. We can’t assume that all dogs are friendly and nice, and irresponsible owners who have vicious dogs can cause serious damage to hoomans and woofs when they don’t have them under control.

What’s a cool fact about Otto that most people don’t know?

Otto is a proud member of the Oval Pawffice’s @first_dogs_usa cabinet on Instagram, and his official title is…the Secretary of Floofiness!

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