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Pet Insurance Coverage: What It Does & Doesn’t Cover

pet insurance coverage

Pet insurance coverage varies significantly by provider and plan, and some of the omissions may surprise you, such as the fact that standard coverage often excludes checkups, vaccines, and other regular treatments.

Veterinary bills may quickly add up, and sudden illnesses or injuries can soon become a financial burden. Pet insurance can help reduce the financial burden of caring for our furry friends, but it’s critical to understand what it covers and doesn’t.

What Pet Insurance Company Does Cover

Comprehensive coverage that covers a wide variety of health-related issues can be purchased. Some plans also cover fees like pet microchipping and end-of-life care.

What is typically covered by the finest pet insurance plans:


You can receive compensation for the costs of severe and minor diseases such as cancer, arthritis, ear infections, digestive disorders, and urinary tract infections if you have sickness coverage.

It may pay for everything from identifying a health problem to the therapies your pet requires to recover. When dealing with the stress of caring for a sick pet, having this financial help may be a huge relief.

Prescription Medications

Some pet insurance policies cover the cost of your pet’s prescription meds.

Hereditary Conditions

This coverage covers the expenses of genetic disorders and birth abnormalities that do not manifest symptoms until your pet is older. Examples include heart disease, intervertebral disk disease (IVDD), eye diseases, and hip dysplasia.

You should also seek pet insurance that covers inherited diseases. This is especially true if you’ve got a pet predisposed to such. Some pet insurance companies only provide this coverage as an optional extra. It implies you must pay extra to include it in your plan.

Accidents and Injuries

Pet insurance often covers accidental injuries. This includes things like broken bones or damages from being hit by a car.

Behavioral Problems

Excessive licking, hair pulling, pacing, and destructive chewing are all indicators of behavioral difficulties that can be stressful and detrimental to your pet. Furthermore, they might cause harm to your house and disturb your family’s life. 

Full Coverage includes the costs of diagnosing and treating these disorders. This coverage is not accessible with all pet insurance companies and is sometimes only available as an add-on.

What Pet Insurance Company Does Not Cover

Most basic pet insurance policies do not cover routine checkups or preventative treatment, such as vaccines, heartworm meds, or dental cleanings.

Coverage varies by provider, but the following are typical exclusions from a basic pet insurance policy:

Pre-Existing Conditions

Pre-existing conditions often aren’t included in pet insurance coverage. This implies that if your pet has a condition before you get pet insurance, the coverage will not cover treatment for that ailment.

For instance, kidney failure is a frequent condition in elderly cats and can be costly. Treatments, however, will not be covered if you acquire pet insurance after your cat has been diagnosed with renal issues.

Fitness appointments

Most pet health insurance policies exclude wellness checkups for your pet. This covers services such as yearly examinations and dental cleaning. Even if you obtain pet insurance, you will still be responsible for these expenditures. 

Nevertheless, this varies per plan, so verify your insurance before you buy.

Learning fitness routines may assist you in protecting your pet’s health without spending any money.


Pet insurance can give crucial financial assistance for emergency veterinary expenses. It is critical to understand what it covers and does not, as well as any limits or exclusions. This ensures you get the finest pet insurance coverage for your furry friend’s demands and budget.

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