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How to Improve Your Dog’s Concentration

how to improve dog's concentration

Has your pup been more distracted lately? Concentration can be a challenge at any age, but luckily there are some steps you can take to improve it.

Teaching dogs to pay attention is a challenge in itself, as they have a short attention span. As such, obedience is necessary for a harmonious and enjoyable relationship between the owner and their pets.

How to improve your dog’s concentration

Expert dog trainers listed the following tips on how to improve your dog’s concentration.

1. Watch your voice when calling your dog’s name

Using your dog’s name when correcting them will lead to them having negative associations with their name when being called in training. This will cause dogs to become uncooperative. Instead, associate their name with a positive and enjoyable experience to foster an atmosphere of cooperation.

2. Learn how to get their attention

Once you know how to say their name in a pleasant tone of voice, try doing it while your dog is distracted or engaged in another activity. You can praise the dog verbally and give a treat. With practice, you can improve your dog’s concentration as well as their ability to respond to commands in various environments.

3. Level up the difficulty

Gradually move up to walking with your dog and practice saying its name or saying “watch me” and rewarding his correct response, then add distractions like children, balls, or other dogs. If your dog manages to ignore the distractions and maintain his focus on you, make sure you provide a nice treat.

4. Reward positive behavior

To ensure consistent results with your pup, it’s essential to reward them any time they make a positive decision. Whether it be choosing their favorite squeaky chew toy over your shoes or simply following commands, praising and rewarding them will prove incredibly effective in the long run.

5. Keep them on a consistent schedule

Dogs are creatures of habit. Establishing a consistent daily schedule that includes regular walks, playtime with toys and scheduled meals will help improve their ability to concentrate and listen to commands.

Take a look at this hyperfocused dog’s reaction while watching a beloved cartoon series! Now, this is a reaction we’d love to see from our dogs.


With the above-mentioned tips, no matter what’s happening with your dog’s surroundings, over time, you’ll be able to expect your dog to only focus on you despite the enticing distraction. Of course, it’s hard work for your dogs, so reward him appropriately!

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