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How to Stop Your Dog from Jumping on People

stop your dog from jumping on people

Dogs are excellent companions, but they may be a little too friendly at times. A common issue that dog owners experience every now and then is their pets jumping on people.

While it’s a sign of affection, this type of behavior can be quite dangerous, especially for children or seniors. Addressing this issue involves both situation management and training your dog.

Here are some tips for how to stop your dog from jumping on people!

6 Tips on How to Stop your Dog From Jumping on People

Dogs repeat behaviors that result in a reward, and few things are more rewarding to your pet than your undivided attention.

If you want to stop this behavior, here are some techniques you should try out.

Ignore the Habit

The simplest thing you can do is ignore the behavior. Dogs do not like to be ignored, so they will quickly learn that jumping up on people is not a good way to get attention.

When your dog jumps on people, turn away from them and don’t make eye contact or speak to them. You can also try walking away or back to where you came from.

Over time, this will teach your dog that they shouldn’t jump on people if they want attention. Of course, consistency is essential. Everyone in your household must adhere to the training program at all times.


If you want your pup to learn an alternative behavior, then try redirecting their energy. The next time they try to jump up on someone, offer them something else to do instead.

You can give them a toy and praise them for playing with it or take them for a walk, as long as it’s something that keeps their attention away from jumping up on people.

Teach Your Dog How to Sit

Training your dog to sit on command is a great method for preventing them from jumping on people. Remember that the more you practice sitting, the simpler this activity will be for your dog.

It’s pointless to teach sit for greetings if your dog still struggles to sit without distractions. After a few repetitions, your dog will sit when you walk through the door or enter the room.

Reward Your Dog’s Good Behavior

Reward your dog with praise, food, or toys when he or she behaves properly and does not jump but make sure that you know the good and bad of dog toys before you give them. This praises positive behavior and encourages your dog to keep doing so.

Compliment your dog as well, but keep it relaxed. Excessive excitement or high-pitched squeals from you may trigger another round of jumping. Make an effort to present a calm, tranquil presence.

Proper Management

Management is controlling the circumstances so that your dog does not have the opportunity to jump up. Use management strategies until your dog has learned not to jump.

One of the management techniques is to have toys and rewards by the front door. You might place the reward at the entryway to keep your dog busy while your visitor enters.

Train With Other People

Practice makes perfect, and this is also true when it comes to teaching your dog. This training should also include friends and relatives.

This allows your dog to practice its new habit in a controlled environment. Your dog will learn to greet visitors gently without jumping.


Jumping may be a difficult behavior to manage for dog owners. However, with patience and persistence, you can certainly stop your dog from jumping on people!

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