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How to Avoid Dog Fleas and Ticks

avoid dog fleas and ticks

Parasites can make your dog’s life a living hell. This is especially true when you can’t avoid dog fleas and ticks, which bite their hosts and then feed on their blood to survive.

These bites might have a negative influence on your dog’s health. Flea saliva can cause severe allergies, dermatitis, anemia, itching, and infection. Tick bites can result in illness, abscess formation, paralysis, and even death. 

Here are the most effective methods on how you can avoid dog fleas and ticks!

Keep Your House Clean

Flea eggs may survive in your home throughout the winter months, and once laid, they can proliferate at a pace of 100 each day. 

Cleaning your pet’s bedding and other areas of your home, such as sofas, drapes, and carpets, on a regular basis will help you eliminate flea eggs before they develop and become a major problem.

Use only new preventative products

If you’ve been holding on to outdated flea and tick repellents, it’s definitely time to upgrade. Old products, especially those that have beyond their expiration date, might lose their potency. 

You should always consult with your veterinarian about new brands or products on the market that may work better than what you’ve been using in the past.

Groom your pet on a regular basis

Grooming is a wonderful way to spend time with your pet. It also aids in the detection of external parasites that may be hidden beneath your pet’s hair coat.

You might also try stretching and massaging your dog, it can help develop a strong link between dog and owner by supplementing regular exercise, obedience training, and healthy nourishment.

Schedule regular checkups for your dog

Routine wellness examinations are the best method to locate an effective parasite prevention program and to assess the performance of your pet’s existing prevention program if they are currently on medication. 

If your pet is exhibiting parasitic symptoms, such as itching from fleas, or if you find ticks on your pet on a regular basis, we recommend making an appointment with our veterinarian immediately once.

Treat all your dogs at the same time

If you have numerous dogs, treat them all at once. This will aid in the prevention of cross-infestation. 

Keeping your dog away from other dogs during flea season can also help lower the likelihood of flea infestation.

Purchase an outdoor dog bed

By relaxing off the ground, your dog may be comfortable and safe while enjoying time outside.

Clean your yard

Along with maintaining your house in good condition, keep your yard tidy as well. Ticks prefer tall grasses, so keep your lawn mowed on a regular basis. 

Fleas like warm, wet, shaded environments rich in organic detritus. Raking leaves, brush, and trimmings from your yard will reduce the number of areas for fleas to hide and reproduce.


Those are the most effective methods for protecting your dog against fleas and ticks. When it comes to flea and tick prevention for dogs, there is no shortage of alternatives, making it difficult to choose the ideal one. 

Your veterinarian is an excellent resource for narrowing down your options and determining the best match, but so are we. Check out our PetFitness blog for more!


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