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How Often Should You Feed Your Dog?

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Are you feeding your dog correctly?

The quantity and timing of your dog’s meals will vary according to your dog’s age, size, degree of activity, and general health. Here are some general principles to follow!

How often should you feed your dog?


Puppies need regular feedings to maintain their brisk growth and development because they have small stomachs.

Depending on the breed and size of the puppy, the average requirement for feeding is three to four times each day. It’s crucial to follow a regular feeding schedule and avoid free-feeding puppies, which can cause obesity and other health issues.

Adult dogs

Although some adult dogs may do well with just one larger meal, adult dogs normally need two meals a day. The quantity of food you give your dog should be determined by size, age, and degree of activity.

To choose the right portion size for your dog, consult a feeding chart or your veterinarian.

Senior dogs

Dogs’ metabolisms tend to slow down as they get older, so they could need fewer calories to stay at a healthy weight. Depending on the specific dog and its needs, senior dogs may thrive on just one meal per day.

To discover the ideal feeding schedule for your senior dog, speak with your veterinarian.


Remember that these are merely suggestions, and it’s crucial to speak with your physician to determine your dog’s ideal feeding schedule and portion amounts.

They can help you develop a feeding strategy that fits your lifestyle and your dog’s individual needs by taking into account their needs.

If you want to know more about how to care for your beloved dog, check out PetFitness now!

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