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DOGsketball: A New and Fun Way to Exercise Your Dog

Do you have a playful pup who loves to run and fetch? Or maybe your dog is more of a couch potato who needs to get up and moving. Either way, there’s a new game in town that’s perfect for pets of all fitness levels – DOGsketball!

What is DOGsketball?

DOGsketball is a modified version of the popular game, basketball. The game is played using a small ball and a hoop (either a traditional basketball hoop or a hula hoop). The object of the game is to get your dog to jump and fetch the ball through the hoop.

How to Play DOGsketball

To play DOGsketball, simply set up the hoop and ball in your backyard or in a park. Then, encourage your dog to jump and fetch the ball through the hoop. We recommend using a big tennis ball since they’re very easy to grip and bounce.

Additionally, if your dog isn’t good at dropping the ball yet, a big tennis ball is easy to grab out of their mouth so you can keep them stimulated.

Do this for about 10 minutes or until your dog seems to be losing interest. Remember, the goal is to have fun and get some exercise, so there are no losers in DOGsketball!

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