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Dog Scared of Thunder: How to Overcome

dog scared of thunder

Got a dog scared of thunder? Thunderstorms may be quite terrifying for many pets. 

The loud thunderclaps, blinding flashes of lightning, and atmospheric shifts can cause worry and dread in our beloved pets. Great pet owners know how to help their dogs conquer the fear of thunderstorms.

Fortunately, this article looks at the practical ways you can help your dog manage and conquer its anxiety.

How to Help Your Dog Overcome Fear of Thunderstorms

These tips should help result in a better and more comfortable experience for you and your four-legged partner!

Know the Signs of Fear

Identifying the indications of fear is the initial approach towards assisting your dog conquer their fear of thunderstorms. When dogs are scared, they may display a variety of behaviors, such as panting, pacing, hiding, or demanding comfort from you.

Knowing these symptoms enables you to respond quickly and give the necessary support to alleviate your dog’s discomfort.

Create a Safe Space

Providing your dog with an enjoyable and safe space during thunderstorms may significantly reduce their fear. 

You can also make a hidey-hole that is dark, compact, and as far away from the terrifying sound as possible. Teach your dog to get there whenever there is thunder.

Add recognizable items, including their bed, the best toys and bones for your dog, and blankets to make this place feel warm. Try using soothing music or white noise to block out the sound of thunder.

Counterconditioning and Desensitization

Counterconditioning and desensitization approaches might help your dog overcome their fear of thunderstorms. 

These strategies entail progressively introducing your dog to thunderstorm sounds while complementing them with good events.

Begin by playing low-volume audio of lightning noises while providing your dog with food, games, or whatever they like to do. 

Increase the volume slowly over time, constantly connecting it with positive effects. This procedure assists your dog in developing a good connection with storm noises, lowering their terror response.

If these procedures are not applied appropriately, they will not be effective and may potentially exacerbate the condition. It might be difficult to replicate the fear trigger in some cases.

Consult with a Professional

If your dog’s fear of thunderstorms continues to grow or worsens, it may be time to seek expert assistance. 

A skilled veterinarian or a licensed animal behaviorist may offer professional advice and design a customized behavioral modification plan to meet your dog’s particular needs. 

They may offer methods such as systematic desensitization or medications to assist in controlling your dog’s fear during storms.


If you have a dog scared of thunder, the best way to conquer their fear is through love. It takes time, empathy, and dedication to your dog’s happiness to help them overcome their fear of thunderstorms. 

Remember never to give your dog any over-the-counter medicine without first visiting your veterinarian!

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