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8 Dog Breeds Compatible With Cats

dog breeds compatible with cats

It’s no secret that cats and dogs have a long history of feuding. However, cat and dog siblings may coexist peacefully and even become best friends.

If you already have a cat and are considering bringing in a canine companion, selecting the appropriate breed is essential for creating an amicable bond. Low-maintenance breeds such as Labradors or Golden Retrievers may be ideal for making your feline feel comfortable — some of these dogs even possess gentle dispositions that further ensure peace between pets!

Curious? Whether you’re a cat-lover or human, these dogs make the perfect companions for anyone looking to adopt a new furry friend!

8 Dog Breeds Compatible With Cats

In this section, we’ll provide an overview of dog breeds that are known to be especially compatible with cats.

Basset Hound

basset hound one of the dog breeds compatible with cats
Basset Hound (c) Unsplash

This breed is often pleasant, calm, and easygoing. Despite being raised to hunt, the Basset Hound’s laid-back demeanor frequently means they get along well with other pets and will leave them to their own ways when necessary – something most cats will appreciate.

Golden Retriever

The moniker “golden” could not be more fitting for the majestic Golden Retriever, one of nature’s most ideal companions for cats. It is a breed that is beloved by many due to its gentle and sensitive demeanor; they will gladly accept felines as part of their family.

That said, keep in mind that you need to socialize your Golden from puppyhood if you want them to get along with cats. Once this training process has been completed, the bond between dog and cat can only enhance with time – making them a magnificent duo indeed!

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frises have upbeat and engaging attitudes, making them excellent siblings and playmates for cats.

Despite their active and outgoing personalities, Bichon Frise can still make great friends with cats who like to keep to themselves. As long as your cat isn’t extremely territorial, it will likely grow fond of the breed’s endearing traits – making for a perfect friendship!


These intelligent and gentle dog breeds are great family pets. They have a remarkable aptitude for recognizing when it’s appropriate to interact with cats. This means they can give them plenty of space when necessary.

Collies will also generally have a much less dominant attitude. This is why they’re better suited to living with cats than other dog breeds.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavaliers have a gentle and friendly personality that makes them wonderful with feline furbabies. They are also quite small, making them less intimidating to your cat.

Additionally, they’re very good at being emotional support animals. The same intuitive disposition that offers compassion and encouragement to people in hospitals and nursing homes is appropriate for cohabiting with a cat.

German Shepherd

dog breeds

If you’re considering the pros and cons of having a German Shepherd, but are worried that your feline companion may be unhappy about it, then this is your sign to go get that dog. German Shepherds are very protective and loyal dog breeds. This makes them excellent guardians of your home and its occupants – cats included!


Pugs pack a lot of affection into their little bodies. Full of energy and life, these dog breeds are often easy-to-train and excellent at developing relationships with cats. They’re also less likely to scare cats since they are usually smaller than other dog breeds.


Maltese are known for their cheerful and friendly personalities while also having a lot of energy that they use to play with cats. They are also highly intelligent and very people-oriented dog breeds, making them ideal companions for both humans and cats alike.


As you can see, it’s not impossible to find dog breeds compatible with cats. From basset hounds to pugs, there is a dog breed for everyone. With the right dog (and cat) and the right amount of patience and understanding, both species can become great friends.

For more information about dog breeds and their compatibility with cats, visit the PetFitness blog for the latest updates!

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