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Do Dogs Watch TV?

do dogs watch TV

Have you noticed your dog gazing at the TV with odd intensity? Or maybe you’ve seen videos of dogs seemingly enjoying a show somewhere on the internet?

Ever wondered if dogs can – and should – watch TV?

If you’re a fur parent, then you might be wondering about these things. It’s only natural that you think about your pet’s well-being, which includes the things that they enjoy.

To put your mind at rest, this article will look in detail at whether or not your dogs can enjoy some TV and whether it’s healthy for them to do so.

Can Dogs Even See the TV?

The short answer is that yes, your dogs can see and recognize the things happening on your screen.

The long answer is that they can see all of those, but they have a very different vision and perception than we humans do.

For example, it’s been noted that dogs have a shorter-sight compared to humans, with a 20/60 vision compared to a human’s 20/20. This means that they have to be closer to the TV to see anything.

Plus, dogs also don’t see as much color as humans do. While they don’t see in complete black and white, they see fewer colors and less saturation compared to the colors that we see.

Whereas human eyes rely on full-color range to see, hunting animals such as dogs and cats rely on movement and contrast to identify and detect objects.

All this means that, technically, your dog can see the things happening on your TV, although not in the same way that we do.

Does Your Dog Have A Favorite Show?

As sad as it is to say, dogs don’t appreciate plot and cinematography the same way as we humans do, so you can’t rely on them for a critique of what you’re watching – but that’s not to say that they don’t have a favorite show!

Just like humans, our pups have preferences on what they want and do not want to watch on TV.

However, most of them will typically be things that your dog can relate to, such as videos of other animals, bright colors that stand out, and nature.

You might observe them perking up when they see fields and blue skies, or they might recognize other animals running around the screen. It’s worth keeping in mind, though, that not all dogs do this. Some dogs might not even like to watch the TV at all.

Is Watching TV Good For Your Dog?

Just like for us, watching TV can be a good pastime for your dog, but you should never consider it as a substitute for being out and about.

If your dog is up for it, it can be a good thing to share at the end of the day or something to keep your dog more relaxed while you’re away. Regardless, you still shouldn’t neglect their primary needs of socialization, physical activity, and mental stimulation.

Dogs Watching TV

Dogs watching TV are just one of the things they do that makes us love them so much.

In this article, we discovered that dogs could see, recognize, and even enjoy TV, just not in the same way that we do. So don’t worry, the next time you see your dog watching TV – just be ready to grab some pictures!

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