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Can Dogs Climb Walls?

dogs climb walls

You’ve probably seen videos like the one below, where dogs appear to be scaling walls like Spider-Man. Or maybe you have a particularly nimble pooch who seems to be able to jump higher than any other dog you know. So, can dogs really climb walls? Let’s find out!

The answer is no… and yes. While most dogs cannot physically climb walls the way we think of climbing, some breeds are capable of learning to use their bodies and limbs in creative ways. Because of this, it can seem like they’re climbing the wall, when in reality they’re using their momentum and bodyweight to jump up and grab onto ledges or other protruding objects.

If you want your dog to learn the same trick, just make sure you’re providing plenty of supervision, as they could injure themselves if they misjudge a jump.

So, there you have it! The next time you see a video of a “climbing dog”, you’ll know the truth behind those acrobatic feats!

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