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Best Steps on Training Your Dogs to Do Tricks

training dog to do tricks

As a fur parent, teaching your pets tricks is probably one of the most interesting and fulfilling things you can do. It deepens your bond with your furbaby, and can even help teach them practical skills that make your quality of life with them better (like using the bathroom to poop!).

Not to mention, some tricks are just incredibly amazing to show off to your friends. But there are a lot of things to learn in teaching your dogs tricks, and it’s not always so easygoing.

That’s why in this article, we’re going to teach you the best steps on training your dogs to do tricks!

How to Teach Your Dogs Tricks

Before we proceed, it’s important to note that there are many different tricks that you can teach your dog – and each of them might require a slightly different process. 

However, there are general steps that you can follow when training your dogs how to do tricks, which is what we’re going to talk about in this section of the article.

  1. Get started with reward-based training. Also called positive reinforcement, reward-based training utilizes classical conditioning to associate your desired behavior with a positive stimulus. In short, get comfortable with the idea that you’ll reward your dog with something whenever they do the trick that you want them to do.
  2. Determine your dog’s ideal reward. Every dog is different; most will love special treats, but other dogs also love praise and toys as much. For your training to be effective, you need to know what your dog likes the most. This requires a bit of trial and error.
  3. Start with basic commands. Simply instructions such as “sit,” “stay,” and “come” are easier to learn and will serve as the foundation for more advanced tricks.
  4. When needed, break the trick down into smaller steps. For example, if your dog can’t roll over, teach them how to lie down first, then to roll sideways, and finally to roll all the way over
  5. Be consistent with cues. Pair their actions with cues like a specific word or hand signal for the trick to help the dog understand what you want.

Can You Teach Your Dogs How To Surf?

You can teach your dogs how to surf like in this video, although it’s going to be very challenging and will require a significant amount of training and dedication from both pet and owner. Plus, it would also depend hugely on the dog’s comfort level with water – some dogs are very comfortable around it, while others are less so.

As a general guideline, you’ll have to make sure that your dog is comfortable and well-trained in the water.

You’ll want to introduce them first to shallow water, and then train them in being on the board, and then train them to hop and balance on the surfing board while it moves across the water. It’s going to take some time for your dog to master surfing, but it’s such an awesome skill that it’s well worth it when your furbaby finally masters it.

Training Your Dog The Right Way

Tricks are awesome to see, and they deepen the bond between animal and man. If you have a pet dog, training them properly is well worth investing time and patience. Just make sure to follow the steps we provided to have a good time!

Tricks are one thing – but there’s a whole world to discover about your pets. Read the PetFitness blog to learn more!

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