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Benefits of Adopting an Older Dog

Older Dog

Adopting a dog is a big decision, and there are a lot of things to think about before bringing one into your home. One of these considerations is the age of the dog you wish to adopt. 

Although puppies are undoubtedly and irresistibly cute, adopting an older pup can offer numerous advantages. In this article, we will explore some of the top benefits of adopting an older dog.

6 Benefits of Adopting an Older Dog

Older Dog

Here are the five main benefits of adopting an older dog!

1. Older Dogs Are Generally Housebroken

House training a puppy is typically the most time-consuming part of having a new pet. It requires patience, consistency, and lots of supervision.

With older dogs, this step is usually already taken care of.

This makes older dogs the ideal choice for individuals who don’t have the stamina, time, or patience to train a puppy from scratch.

2. Require Less Training

Similarly, one of the most significant benefits of adopting an older dog is that they are usually already trained.

They’ve been around for a long and are familiar with the fundamentals of leash walking, behavior, and basic commands.

Opting to adopt an older dog over a puppy can save you both time and energy.

You won’t have to go through the extensive training that puppies need, allowing you more time for bonding with your furry friend instead of working on obedience lessons.

3. Calmer Temperament

Senior dogs are less inclined to inspect everything or chew on furniture, carpets, and shoes, resulting in less destruction. This means that a more mature dog is your best choice if you want a calmer dog.

Even if their training is still weak, they have the physical and mental capacity to learn new things quickly, unlike pups.

Contrary to popular belief, it can be easier to teach older dogs simply because they’re calmer and more receptive than young puppies.


4. Less Energetic

Older dogs are often more laid-back and less energetic than puppies. They’ve passed their hyperactive stage and are willing to spend their days lying about and enjoying your company.

Older dogs still require regular exercise, but they are unlikely to desire to run a marathon every day and are typically satisfied to relax.

This is a good option for busy families or people who don’t have the time or energy to keep up with a high-energetic puppy. An older dog may be an excellent companion for relaxed nights and weekends.

5. Less Expensive

Puppies require a lot of attention and care, including immunizations, neutering, and training. Several of these concerns are usually already taken care of in older dogs, which may save you a lot of money in the long term.

Several adoption centers and shelters waive adoption costs for older dogs, particularly those adopted by senior people.

Adoption costs are lower for elderly adults who adopt senior dogs 6 years and older from shelters and animal care centers.

While elderly dogs rarely grow bigger, there are no additional expenditures associated with acquiring larger enclosures or making more room for your dog.

6. Health Checks

Adopting an older dog from a shelter or rescue organization means that the dog has probably had their initial health check.

This includes a full checkup for any medical issues that may need to be resolved. This can save you some of the costs associated with bringing a new pup home.


Adopting an older dog can be a great decision for those looking to provide a loving home to an animal in need. Not only will you be giving a second chance to an animal that needs it, but you’ll also get many years of love and companionship in return.

So why not consider adopting an older pup today? You won’t regret it!

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