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Are Treats Good For Dogs?

are treats good for dogs

Dogs will do anything for treats, but are they truly good for your precious pooch?

In this article, we’ll discuss whether treats are good for your pet or not.

Are Treats Good For Dogs?

Treats are good for dogs – as long as they’re given in moderation.

That’s because treats are to dogs as snacks are to humans.

Although they can make us happy and satisfied for a time, they don’t really do a good job of making us feel full. In fact, it’s easy to binge-eat on snacks since you won’t immediately feel full after eating them, even if you’ve already had a lot.

This is the same for dogs. While there’s nothing wrong with giving them the occasional treat or two, especially if you’re in the process of training them, using treats to replace their actual food is a huge no-no.

Make sure that you stick to a regular feeding schedule. That way, they won’t go hungry and won’t have to depend on treats for fulfillment.

You can also opt for healthier treats for the best results!

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