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Are Deer Antlers for Dogs Safe?

deer antlers for dogs

Is your dog tired of the usual treat, bone, or chew toy? You might want to try deer antlers – a safe and long-lasting treat for your precious pooch.

Deers shed their antlers naturally. These grow very fast, as fast as one inch per week. After some time, which typically happens once a year, they will start to fall off.

Are deer antlers for dogs safe?

Aside from being entirely safe for dogs, deer antlers are not just cool treats. Like any other chew toy, they can also help keep your dog’s teeth clean and plaque-free.

If your dog has a sensitive gut, deer antlers are more suitable than other bone chews since they’re hypoallergenic.

Additionally, deer antlers are completely odorless. Your dog can keep chewing deer antlers while sitting beside you on the bed or on the couch and you won’t notice any smell whatsoever.

Best of all, they’re very durable. If you have a dog who always breaks his chew toys, he’ll have a hard time breaking this one. They also last for up to a year.

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