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8 Great Car Accessories for Dogs

Car Accessories for Dogs

A car trip with your furry friend can be challenging. From ensuring safety and comfort, to keeping them hydrated and protected from the heat, you have multiple responsibilities to consider. You need important travel gear to make sure trips with your dog go smoothly. Here‘s our list of 8 great car accessories for dogs to ensure that you provide a stress-free ride for your fluffy family members.


#1.  Seat Cover Hammock 

When you are cruising along with your dog in the car, cleaning hair or dirt off the seat is often a concern. A seat cover hammock puts this problem to rest as well as secures your dog inside the car. Tied to the four-seat headrests, it saves your dog from falling into the foot space as you slam on the brakes or cruise through bumpy roads. Your canine friend can safely sit, sleep, move, and enjoy the drive standing on it without any fear of injury. These are easy to install, washable, convenient to clean, and durable.


#2. Travel Bed or Crate Mat 

Adding a comfortable mat to the seat cover hammock may provide much-needed relaxation for your fur baby, who is confined to a small space. These comfort mats have a tufted, poly fiber surface and a non-skid back providing cushion. You can even use them as your dog’s bed at your travel destination.


#3. Safety Harness 

With a car safety harness tied to a car belt, your dog remains protected while your car cruises across highways. Different from a normal dog harness, this type of harness is crash tested. The strap placement is designed in such a way that it doesn’t interfere as your dog sits or lies down on the car seat. Added padding provides comfort, and the harness can double up as a normal harness too.


#4. Seat Belt

Like their hoomans, dogs also need a seat belt to stay secure in the car. Clipped to the car’s seat belt and the harness of your canine friend on both ends, a seat belt keeps your fur baby safe. It prevents them from getting hurt when hitting the brakes, or in the event that the car is rear-ended. The belt also keeps your dog confined to their seat, preventing them from jumping onto the front seat or out of the window.


#5. Booster Seat 

Dog booster seats are the latest in the line of canine travel safety equipment. These seats are especially important when you have a puppy or a small-sized dog. Available in different sizes for dogs of all breeds, these seats are tailormade to safeguard your dog. You can also grab these booster seats with high backs or backless.


#6. Car Dog Barrier

Is your dog too playful? If so, you need a dog barrier to stop your four-legged friend from disturbing you while you are driving. Many dogs often have the tendency to jump into the front seat of a car. This can pose multiple risks for drivers as well as co-passengers. A dog barrier effectively keeps your dog restricted in its place. The mesh design enables the flow of air and heat, making it a smooth ride for your dog.


#7. Portable Water Bottle

When you have a fur baby traveling with you, it’s important that you keep your companion hydrated with a portable water bottle. Custom made for canines, these water bottles have a collapsible bowl attached to them. It dispenses water into the bowl allowing your dog to drink. The bottle, with its attached loop, is also easy to carry when on the go.


#8. First Aid Kit

Whether you travel a short distance or on a long drive with your canine friend, your car must have a dedicated first aid kit. This should have essentials such as cold packs, animal poison control medication, gauzes, a tweezer to remove items stuck on your dog’s skin, antiseptic, etc. And of course, feel free to also create your own, which is always fun!


These car travel accessories make your trip with your dog safe, stress free, and convenient. Now, go ahead and plan that next road trip with your bestie!

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