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8 Easy Exercises for Working Dog Breeds

Is your pet a working dog? Working dogs are large, athletic, and active dogs that need more exercise than other breeds. These breeds, which originated as herding and guarding dogs, need a fair amount of daily and regular activities to stay healthy, happy, and free from boredom.

When you have a dog, a well-planned, daily play time is key to preventing obesity and avoiding any risk of heart, joint, thyroid, breathing, skin, and disk problems. But if you have a working dog, the need for exercise increases, and this is to prevent the early onset of degenerative disorders such breeds tend to have. Because of their genetic buildup and body anatomy, working dogs need a good amount of exercise, which provides them with adequate physical and mental stimulation.

Here are 8 easy exercises for working dog breeds that you can follow.


    1. Walking: A long walk is a primary exercise for working dog breeds. Easy and convenient for owners, walks help you spend time with your dog, while fulfilling the need for daily exercise. You may walk in different directions, on various surfaces, or take unusual routes to make it more interesting for your dog.
    2. Short Runs: All working dogs are athletic and short runs are a great form of exercise, considering their energy levels. You could have short sprints with your dog or make him run to fetch a disk or ball.
    3. The Laser Pointer: Move your laser pointer around in areas your dog can spot it, and get them to chase it. You can do this inside your home, and don’t have to go outside after an exhausting day of hard work.
    4. Fetch: Every dog likes to play fetch, and this can prove to be a great exercise for working dog breeds. Your dog will absolutely love the whole process of running and retrieving the object. This game also helps in strengthening your bond with your pooch.
    5. Obstacles: Use different surfaces or obstacles while walking to make things exciting for your dog. Only do this with healthy, adult dogs, and avoid seniors and puppies.
    6. Frozen Bottle: Give your dog a frozen water bottle to play with during summer days. This’ll also help keep your dog cool and stimulated.
    7. Hide & Seek: Hide a treat or your dog’s favorite toy and let them search for it.
    8. Tug of War: A working dog’s favorite game! Hold onto the end of a rope or stick, and get your dog to pull it towards them.


How Much Exercise is Enough for a Working Dog?

Genetics makes working dogs constantly need exercise or something to do. However, there is no common yardstick for all working dogs. The amount of exercise needed varies from one dog to the other, depending on their age, weight, health, size, fitness, and individual features.


We hope you found these 8 easy exercises for working dog breeds useful! Make sure to check out our Instagram post, which gives you 3 strength exercise hacks for your working dog.

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