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8 Dog Accessories Every Pup Parent Must Have

Dog accessories

Are you a pup parent? Planning to bring home a dog soon? Well, it’s time to shop for dog accessories! Whether your dog is a puppy, an adult, or a senior dog, these dog accessories are essential for their safety and comfort. However, with so much pet gear on the market, it’s difficult to distinguish essentials from non-essentials, so we did it for you. Here are the top 10 must-have dog accessories that you should get your furry friend.


#1. Collar, Leash, and Harness

These three are the most common of all dog accessories and you simply can’t afford to not have them. Buy the ones which are waterproof and long-lasting. It is important to always have a spare leash too at home. Longline leashes up to 30 feet are there to allow more space for your dogs while ensuring their security. A dog harness is a more comfortable substitute for dog collars.


#2. Dog Crate and Bed

A crate is a safe, dedicated living area for your dog, akin to a cozy cave in the wild. It also comes in handy when you train, control, or transport your dog. Just make sure you get the right crate for your furry friend’s size! A comfy bed is also among the must-have dog accessories. Your canine companion needs their own place to rest, as they sleep 10-12 hours a day depending on their age. We recommend going for an orthopedic bed if you have a senior dog too.


#3. Grooming Brush

Irrespective of what type of coat your dog has, a grooming brush is important. A brush helps control shedding and any tangling, and it’s also key to polishing and cleaning your dog’s coat. Even when you have a very furry dog, avoid a comb, and use a brush instead. A good brush is something your dog will appreciate, and it also provides some much needed “WE Time”.


#4. Toys 

Many people don’t think that toys are necessary, and believe that playing with their dog a few hours every day will do the trick. However, pet research indicates that toys are vital dog accessories that help regulate their health, activity, chewing habits, and destructive behavior. Toys even help with separation anxiety when you are not with them.


#5. Food and Water Bowls

Your list of dog accessories is incomplete without stainless-steel dog bowls. They even come in different designs to assist in regulating your dog’s eating habits. Some nifty bowls even slow down a dog’s eating, preventing bloating. Elevated bowls are also available for senior or big dogs. If you are frequently traveling with your canine companion, you might want to consider the collapsible bowl.


#6. Fitness Gear for Dogs

From treadmills to paw shocks, there are many dog accessories that are available to help facilitate your dog’s mental and physical activity. Certain accessories, such as integrative toys, snuffle mats, and chew balls, are a dynamic, exciting addition to your pet’s toolbox.


#7. Travel Gear for Dogs

Do you love to take your dog shopping, or on long drives? There’s gear for those road trips! If you have an older dog, you should consider buying a pet ramp. Extenders help your dog with space, while dog nets prevent them from jumping onto the front seat while you’re driving. Window cages and booster seats give your furry friend a good view of the outside, while also preventing any injury. Waterproof, stain-resistant seat covers are there to prevent any damage to your car seat.


#8. Health Accessories for Dogs

A customized doggy first aid kit is another essential many don’t think of! Paw wipes help quickly clean up your dog’s paws, keeping them free from bacteria, fungus, and allergens. When you have a puppy or a senior dog, you might also need dog diapers, pee pads, and enzyme-based odor removers.


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