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6 Exercise Accessories for Dogs

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To maximize your dog’s level of fitness, we’ve put together the following list of exercise accessories for dogs that can easily be purchased online or at your local pet store.


Weighted Vest

Weighted vests are used to build lean muscle, increase stamina, and improve endurance. A weighted vest adds additional resistance, forcing your dog’s muscles to work harder as they walk, play, and train. You may feel uncomfortable about this idea at first, but this additional resistance encourages strong muscle and joint growth and builds up your dog’s endurance. Furthermore, weighted vests have been proven to make dogs more calm, self-assured, and susceptible to obedience and behavioral training.


GPS Tracking Collar

GPS tracking collars are used to monitor your dog’s fitness levels and overall health. They also keep track of your dog’s heart rate and the number of steps he/she takes in a given day. The GPS feature allows you to track your dog’s exact movements and the amount of exercise it gets each day. With a GPS tracking collar, you’ll always know your dog’s location. Just connect it, wirelessly, to your smartphone and you’ll never lose track of your dog again. These collars are especially handy for walking dogs off-leash, or for those with large properties.


Long-Line Leash

If you still aren’t comfortable taking your dog off-leash, then a long-line leash is a great alternative; especially when exercising or practicing recall. Essentially, a long-line leash is just a long dog training leash with a standard clip fastened at one end. We recommend leashes that are between 50 to 100 feet in length to ensure your dog has enough freedom to sprint back and forth.


Herding Ball

A herding ball is an interactive toy with which dogs can independently play with without assistance. Typically, these balls are too big, heavy, and/or difficult for dogs to pick up and carry in their mouths. They don’t bounce and can’t be kicked, either. The only way to play with a herding ball is to push and chase it. Think about what sled pushes do to the human body — the biggest athletes in the world, including football players, use this exercise to build muscle and power. The herding ball is like the sled push for dogs!


Rubber Ball & Fetch Stick

One of the most effective exercise accessories, and probably the easiest to use, is the combination of a fetch stick and a standard rubber ball. Dogs are meant to fetch. That’s why this exercise is so simple yet effective. Keep in mind, chewing on tennis balls can cause dental problems. Look for a ball that is large enough for your dog to carry, but small enough to comfortably hold in its mouth. Not too small though, you don’t want your dog accidentally swallowing it. We recommend a natural rubber ball labeled ‘strong’ — these are often indestructible. Next, you’ll need to invest in a fetch stick. No one wants to spend their evenings constantly bending over to pick up a slimy, dirty ball. Not to mention, a fetch stick is much easier on the arm and shoulder than throwing without assistance. With a simple fetch stick and a few rubber balls, your dog will get an exceptional workout.


Flirt Pole

A flirt pole (or flirt stick) is a piece of exercise equipment that encourages your dog to chase a fast-moving lure or toy. Think of it as a fishing rod for dogs. A flirt pole is a great exercise device for limited spaces — we can’t recommend it enough at PetFitness. Where space is minimal, such as tiny apartments, the flirt pole can’t be beat. These simple devices train your dog to continually jump, lunge, leap, and chase until exhaustion. Your dog has a natural drive to hunt and chase prey. The flirt pole is the perfect tool to stimulate this instinct. Furthermore, the act of jumping, chasing, and leaping builds your dog’s hind muscles and improves his/her core strength.


With these accessories, you’re guaranteed to have a more effective and impactful workout session with your dog, whether short or long.

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