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5 Cutest Mixed Breed Golden Retriever Dogs

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Think purebred Golden Retriever dogs can’t get any cuter? Well, this list of the cutest mixed breed Golden Retriever dogs can surely change your mind.

5 Mixed Breed Golden Retriever Dogs

1. The Goberian

Ever seen a Golden Retriever and Siberian Husky mix? If you can think of a Husky that has had too many trips to the kitchen, it’s probably something like this.

2. Golden Pitbull

A Golden Retriever and Pitbull mix sounds like a perfect combo of cuddly and tough – and you’d be completely right. It’s like a Pitbull that suddenly gained a new color – and a bucket load of patience – overnight.

3. Golden Rottie Retriever

mixed breed golden retriever

This is another cuddly + tough mix, but amp up the cuddles. Just look at that happy little face.

4. Great Golden Dane

mixed breed golden retriever

Putting a Golden Retriever and a Great Dane together just sounds like you’d be making an extra-large Golden Retriever. And yes, that’s also kind of true! Imagine a taller, less furry Golden and you’ve got yourself a Great Golden Dane.

5. The Golden Boxer

mixed breed golden retriever

Here’s a combination that we never thought we’d see. A Golden Retriever and a Boxer can’t be any less compatible in the looks department, but what do you know – this mix still looks great.

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